Madcapz Women's Golf Hats and Visors

The Story of MADCAPZ, abridged: A few years ago, Carrie Bell was diagnosed with Grave's Disease (an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid, which in turn affects every other part of you). The only exercise I could handle was going for walks and I always reached for one of my husband's baseball caps because I was losing my hair (another symptom of Grave's Disease). But wearing a man’s baseball cap with a sports team or company logo just didn’t do it for me. So, I began my search for a feminine stylish baseball cap that I could enjoy wearing, would make me look great, and feel fabulous! My search for this colorful fun woman's baseball cap became an obsession with me: I scoured the malls, catalogs, and the internet - all in vain. Finally, I decided to make one myself. My friends loved the prototype cap. When my daughter said she wanted one I knew I was on to something. Madcapz was born! Since that day I've made caps in over 50 colorful fun patterns and I add new ones all the time. Each one is designed to fit women, offer great sun protection, and make you feel fabulous when you wear it. Madcapz now come in women's visors and kids' caps, too. And I’m proud to say, MADCAPZ are MADE IN THE USA. I hope you enjoy wearing your new MADCAPZ as much as I enjoy making them. Carrie